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Geosyntec's capital assets and transactions (CAT) advisory is part of a global firm with local presence and knowledge. As an independent third party with experience built upon Geosyntec 's internationally renowned engineering and scientific expertise, our mission is to offer unbiased, objective advice that applies real world, practical, market-tested knowledge of project risk and return in the context of competitive, regulatory, cost, and demand drivers.

The current business climate for capital assets and corporate transactions is characterized by unprecedented risk, mandates for securing sustainable returns, increased technical complexities, and a rush to market mindset. Navigating this landscape necessitates comprehensive due diligence on the part of investors and sponsors. The varied and complex nature of capital projects magnifies the need for comprehensive technical and commercial assessments by an independent third party under one umbrella. Geosyntec CAT provides this service offering.

To help our private and public sector clients in their decision-making process to acquire, divest, expand, and/or improve asset resilience against specified risk hazards (including climate change), Geosyntec CAT has pioneered the decoupled net present value ( DNPV ) method as an alternative valuation and risk quantification approach that consistently translates technical assessment of physical risks into financial terms, quantifying in monetary terms the potential exposure of assets and investments to physical hazards. As such, our strength lies in the ability of our practitioners to understand the technical risks associated with capital projects (e.g., civil infrastructure, renewable energy, solid waste, oil and gas, or mining), identify and evaluate risk management opportunities (e.g., avoidance, reduction, mitigation, transfer, and retention), and prepare due diligence documents that can be readily used by financial and business professionals.

Geosyntec CAT provides strategic and transactional advice and lifecycle asset management, with services including technical, environmental, and financial due diligence within a broad range of asset classes, including:

  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Water and wastewater
  • Oil and gas
  • Renewable energy technology
  • Real property
  • Geoenvironmental containment and waste management

As an integral member of a client transactional due diligence or asset advisory team, we offer exceptional depth of talent and experience in quantifying technical, environmental and catastrophic operational risks, and identifying opportunities for value creation in the face of uncertainty. Translating risk into financial terms that can be used for sound business decisions requires sophisticated integration of technical, regulatory, practical, and financial concerns. Our long-established practices in engineering and construction, environmental resource management, remediation, and computational dynamics afford us the expertise and project experience necessary to bring a powerhouse team at the nexus of technical and commercial advisory services. We specialize in rapid turnaround, efficient delivery of advice and independent representation. We are objective, without recourse to outside shareholders or influences that shape our advice. We are committed to client service and to living our values of technical excellence.


Services spanning pre-transaction technical, environmental, and financial due diligence through financial close to asset operations within a broad range of asset classes.


Since our founding in 1983, Geosyntec has set the standard in several technical disciplines related to the built environment, natural and manmade hazard mitigation, value creation, and resource management. We are an employee owned firm with a combined staff of over 1,000 engineers, scientists and related technical and support personnel experienced and credentialed in the real assets that we know well: real property, transportation infrastructure, geoenvironmental containment facilities, power and energy distribution, oil and gas exploration and production (E&P), water/wastewater and forestlands. We work as independent technical, commercial and project finance advisors with no financial stake in the outcome of the assets under review, industry bias or predisposition. Clients rely on the veracity of our reports, the rigor of our analyses and the strength of our brand as capital, assets and transactions advisors.



Technical and Commercial Expertise

The varied and complex nature of capital projects magnifies the need for comprehensive technical and commercial assessments by an independent third party under one umbrella.


We have advised on commercial, financial, operational, and regulatory aspects of real assets across all continents and most major industries. Large and small, private and public, clients can rely on a Geosyntec CAT report and satisfaction of a job well done.


Our value proposition lies at the nexus of technical and commercial advisory services by combining our business case skillset with our long-established practices in infrastructure, energy, environmental resource management, remediation and engineering


David Espinoza

David offers particular expertise on financial risk and return analysis for infrastructure and geoenvironmental projects. These projects have included renewable energy, water reservoir systems, and containment facilities for solid and hazardous wastes, construction demolition debris, mine tailings and other spoils, industrial wastes...
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Bill Gaffigan

Bill has more than 20 years of business and consulting experience, including specialized capabilities in valuation, litigation support, business transactions, and strategic business consulting. He is a senior practitioner in environmental projects, green technology, clean technology, wastewater treatment...
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Michael Berman

Mike has over 20 years of experience providing advice on the nature and extent of risks to private clients faced with business and commercial decisions related to real property transactions, financial reporting, insurance analysis, operational management optimization, and litigation...
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Jon Dickinson

Jon Dickinson has over 25 years of business leadership experience in consulting engineering providing a unique combination of financial and risk analysis with technical expertise. His transaction advisory experience includes strategic and financial evaluations, deal negotiations and structuring, and due diligence...
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Jeremy Morris

Jeremy Morris is an internationally recognized expert with over 18 years of experience in the waste management and renewable energy sectors. While primarily engaged on North American projects, his international experience extends to Latin America, Europe, and Africa. He provides strategic advisory services...
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Marc Rogoff

Marc Rogoff is a Senior Consultant based in Florida with more than 38 years of professional experience focused on solid waste management waste collection studies, facility feasibility assessments, facility site selection, property acquisition, environmental permitting, operation plan development, solid waste facility benchmarking, ordinance development...
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Thomas Ramsey

Thomas Ramsey is an expert with over 25 years of operational and capital asset experience in the waste management and renewable energy sectors. He provides strategic advisory services on facility operations, technology implementation, market valuation, and financial planning. His operating experience prior to becoming an advisor...
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Anica Haynes

Anica Haynes has more than 15 years of experience providing diverse technical, construction inspection and project management consulting services in the chemical, energy infrastructure, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. She has extensive experience throughout the entire life cycle of a wide range of...
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Eric Kovich

Eric Kovich has more than 20 years of professional experience supporting clients in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, and manufacturing industries with a focus on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital projects planning/permitting/execution, regulatory compliance, operational risk management, emergency preparedness/response, and environmental liability management...
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Michael Berman
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Bill Gaffigan
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About Geosyntec Consultants

Geosyntec Consultants is a 1,300-person consulting firm with engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, and other technical and project staff based in offices throughout the United States and at select locations in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. We address new ventures and complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure. Visit our website.

Partnerships and Affiliations

The CAT Alliance is a joint venture among three leading consultancies (Geosyntec, COWI, and Tauw) to provide transactional due diligence advisory services supporting large industrial, commercial property, and financial clients. This strategic partnership provides global reach in assisting clients with merger, acquisition, and divestiture efforts via a combined network of more than 13,000 professionals in over 50 countries. From this global platform of excellence, we can provide multinational clients with local, highly trained professionals who understand country-specific regulations in context with international expectations and corporate requirements throughout the world.
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MMI Engineering provides technical consulting services to most industry sectors, specializing in the management of manmade and natural hazards. MMI's blend of expertise is drawn from a pool of professionals that stem from a wide range of scientific and engineering backgrounds. MMI's professionals work around the clock, and are just as comfortable onboard an oil platform as they are in a board room - whatever it takes to meet clients' needs. By understanding the underlying regulation and statutory requirements that define clients' needs, they are always able to see the relevance of expert subject matter in the wider context. Visit the MMI Engineering website

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